April 8, 2010

Wacky Weather in Wisconsin!

I'm sure this will be the topic of many a Wisconsin blog today - here it is, April 8, and we're having a lovely early spring snow.  (The picture on the left was taken this morning at about 7; it's almost 9 and it's STILL snowing!).

I've lived in Wisconsin nearly my entire life.  I love it here and, even though I threaten to move to Toronto sometimes, I can't imagine living anywhere else.  I love the people, the cost of living, the seasons (even though they overlap) and the quality of life.  I think overall, people in Wisconsin have it pretty good.

That being said, I can imagine that my transplanted friends may find our weather a tad odd.  My friend Jill commented on my Facebook page this morning that she had snow yesterday morning but by the afternoon it was 65 degrees and sunny.  She lives in Denver.  So see?  It's not just the Midwest that's dealing with this craziness.

My mom's birthday is tomorrow, and we still talk about the Blizzard of '73, which occured on her birthday that year.  I'd bet that if I looked in an almanac, we've had snow in April at least 30 of my 41 years.  Anyone who's around my age or older, who lived in this area back in 1990, may recall the freak snow that we had  - on MAY 10!!  This isn't anything new.  But when you're teased with 80 degrees and sunny, like it was last Friday, it just throws us back into reality that we really have no control over the weather.  It's sort of nice to know that we sometimes just have to roll with the changes, isn't it?

Besides, if we Wisconsinites couldn't complain about the weather, we'd have nothing to talk about at all!  :D


  1. Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it ;D I admit I've grown inured to Wisconsin winter, enough so that I can brag to my friends & family in warmer climes about how cold it is outside, but I do wish we had a bit more spring and a little less winter. I want spring to start in February (forsythia & tulips) and keep on going through June! At the same time I don't miss the 3-4 months of southern summer (99 degrees and 99% humidity)

  2. I'm with you, Carolyn! Let's start a campaign to have spring start in February! :D

    I remember going to my great-grandparents' home in South-Eastern Illinois, about 6 miles from the Indiana border. We always went in the summer. UGH. It was SOOO humid! I mean, we've had some nasty days in WI too but it seems different the further south you go. I'll take our relatively tepid summers, thank you very much! :D