February 19, 2010

The Sedentary Life

Does it feel lately like your days just fly by, and you wonder what happened to the time?  Do you ever have days like that, where you look up from your work and it's already 2 p.m.?  Well, I have the perfect solution for that.

It's called a treadmill.

Every time I complain about how fast time goes, I should jump on this thing.  The time usually crawls when I'm walking on it but yesterday, about 11 1/2 minutes into my 30-minute walk, my iPod went dead.  I'm ashamed to say that I almost quit my walk because I didn't know what I was going to do with myself for 18 1/2 minutes!  I stuck it out and got through by making mental lists of all the things I wanted to accomplish in the day, but it did take some effort.

And why is that?  I've heard various people say that the human body wants to be in motion - if you look at babies their little legs are constantly moving.  We weren't meant to be a sedentary species.  We're bipedal because we were meant to walk further distances at a slower pace, as opposed to (some) quadropeds who can move very quickly for short distances.  Oh, and opposable thumbs help too. 

I can't speak for all of you, but I am very happy with leading a very "relaxed pace" lifestyle.  I'm really quite good at it, too.  Reading, making art, writing this blog, watching my favorite shows - that's the pace I'm comfortable with.  I wish I could call myself a person who leads an "active" life, but for the last 41 years or so it hasn't been that way. 

Oh sure, as a kid I ran and jumped and played just like all the other kids, but right around the age of ten or so I just realized that I would rather stay inside and watch game shows and "Days of our Lives".  Thirty-one years later I've stopped watching daytime TV, but you might catch me napping around mid-day.  Lunch is exhausting!  :)

To all my friends and family who run, play tennis, swim, golf, bike, ski, etc. - good for you!  When you're old, you'll be those people living in the retirement communities in Boca Raton for "active seniors".   I'll be across the hall, watching a cryogenically unfrozen 150 year-old Bob Barker hosting "The Price is Right".


  1. I love your attitude, Mel. I like to think of myself as active, but the reality (especially with an 8-4:30 office job) is usually different. Especially when the weather is cold or wet, I just don't get outdoors as often as would be good for me. Now I feel like there's a kindred soul who wouldn't be urging me on if she happened to be here in the same room!

  2. Jane - thanks for writing! So nice to see you here! :D

    I hear you 100% on the cold/rainy weather - to me, that's the perfect excuse to stay inside with a good book! But I noticed you're a gardener - that's awesome exercise and you reap the rewards with gorgeous flowers and delicious veggies. :D

  3. Funny! I too was an avid "Days" watcher from a young age. I live for my naps, too. Sad, but true!

  4. Stacy - my sister told me that she watched one episode of "Days" last year and, aside from a few new characters, it was like it was 1985 all over again. :D As for naps - where would we be without 'em? Long live naps! :D