February 28, 2010


I don't know about any of you, but I feel that this obsession with being clean has gone a bit overboard.  Yes, germ-free is fantastic in a place that should be sterile, like your doctor's office.  But to me, a few germs isn't such a bad thing.  For instance, you will never catch me with hand sanitizer in my purse.  I've always held the belief that that which does not kill me, will only make me stronger.  Which apparently is Kanye West's motto also.

I was in a public restroom, though, that gave me the willies a little, and for a stupid reason - they had a soap dispenser with a pump.  Now at first, you'd probably think, "Oh, great!  At least it's not some disgusting BAR of soap!".  But think about it - where you put your hand to dispense the soap is where possibly hundred of others have also put their (unwashed!) hand to dispense.

And because this thought was so uncharacteristic of me, my mind began to wander about the other myriad places that may seem innocuous, but are more than likely teeming with millions of germies just waiting to get us.  So here is a short list of places and things that, unfortunately, will probably make me think twice now:

My gloves.  Or rather, the insides of my gloves.  We touch doorknobs, money, all kinds of dirty things - and then we stick our grimy mitts inside gloves.  Probably not a very clean place, when you think about it.  But now I'm thinking about it.  Ew.

Community newspapers at restaurants.  No, not "Your Hometown Newspaper Since 1870!"-type community newspaper -  "community", as in, everyone's read it.  Usually occurs at places like McDonald's and "family" restaurants, where older people tend to congregate (hence, the newspaper).  I just hope they washed their hands before they picked it up and read it (not likely).

Airports.  This one's a no-brainer.  I can't think of a place on earth that's germier than an airport - okay, maybe a bus terminal.  No - okay, I've changed my mind - a bus terminal would be worse.  Yep.  Oh yeah.  Definitely worse.

Clothes on the rack at the store.  Dang it!  Now WHY did I have to think about this one?  I already despise buying clothes; now I'm going to wonder whose B.O.-ridden pits have met the sweater I'm about to try on.  Grody!

Alright!  There you have it.  I hope I haven't ruined your day with my bizarre ramblings.  Perhaps you are a germophobe and these thoughts are old hat to you.  I actually hope this is the case.  If not, then maybe we all should start carrying sanitizer in our purses or pockets.  Or start bathing in it.

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