January 18, 2010

Some random thoughts about the Golden Globes

So, did any of you watch the Golden Globes last night?  It's one of my favorite awards shows, and I'll tell you why - the stars show their true selves when they drink (or intoxicate themselves in the manner of their choosing - I'm looking at you, Jeff Bridges).  Some earn my respect after that, and some lose it.

Seriously!  Have you ever seen some of those people act so un"star"-like?  It was fantastic.  I also loved the cheap shots that Ricky Gervais took at the actors as a whole, but also individual jabs at people like Mel Gibson & Paul McCartney.  I think Ricky was right when he said he wouldn't be asked back, but I loved his schtick.

Here are a couple of other things I noticed about the evening:

1.  James Cameron is a tool.  In fact, he's the tooliest tool that ever tooled the tool.  Tool.  Seriously - tool.

2.  Why did "The Hangover" win best comedy?  I liked the movie fine, and parts were hilarious, but Best Comedy or Musical?  Really?  Oh, and couldn't you just feel the seething from Meryl Streep?  I mean, they didn't even show her after the announcement of the Hangover win but I swear I could hear the foam coming out of her mouth from the comfort of my living room.  Because Ms. Meryl may appear humbled by every award she gets, but let's be honest - if YOU knew you were the best actress of your generation - hell, let's go so far as to say maybe the best actress EVER - would you really be that humbled?  And maybe, would you start thinking that, just maybe, YOUR movie should've gotten the Best Comedy or Musical award, especially because you were in TWO of the five nominated?  Maybe?  I thought so.

3.  Who seated Paul McCartney next to Julia Roberts?  Didn't that seem totally random?

4.  What was the deal with Robert DeNiro's "sex with film canisters" joke about Martin Scorcese?  Seriously, Bob - let it go.  It was funny the first 30 seconds but after that you ventured into some very odd and disturbing territory (see what I mean about the al-kee-hol showing us what people are really like?).

5.  What percentage of the viewing audience do you really think cares about the Best Foreign Film award?  Oh, you think 1%?  Really?  I think that's high.

So, what was YOUR favorite part of the show?  It didn't have to be a good part, either - maybe it was the hilarious cut to cameras that weren't focused on anything.  Maybe it was the bumpers before and after the commercial breaks where they showed the celebs mingling and seeing them look like deer caught in the headlights because they didn't know the camera was on them (HORRORS!).  It was all good.  I just wished someone would've streaked or something.

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