January 23, 2010

Last Day

You know how it is, when you know it's the last of something?

Actually, if you really think about it, we don't often know when it's the last of something, and I think it's better that way.  Imagine going through life knowing it was going to be the last time you ever ate chocolate (because of an impending allergy). Or saw your house (because it burned down the next day).  Or had a good night's sleep (because of a bout of insomnia that would eventually last the rest of your life).  Egads!  We'd be blubbering piles of goo!!

But alas, I did happen to know that it was going to be my last day of work yesterday, because I had made that decision a little over two weeks ago (I believe my last day at work was overshadowed by some other guy's last day at work, though!).  It was the longest day at work that I've ever had - I had run out of work to do by 11:30 (and I had to be there until 4).  Pair that with the anticipation of a fun going-away party, and you've got yourself one heck of an impatience sandwich.

By the time 4 o'clock rolled around, I was quite ready to get the heck outta there.  I went around to all the departments and quickly said my good-byes, so as not to prolong the agony (I think part of leaving is knowing WHEN to leave - is there anything worse than that guy who doesn't know when to call it quits?).

I was very, very moved by everyone's well-wishes yesterday and the day before, when the Finance department threw me a HUGE going-away potluck complete with a cake, a lovely card (signed by everyone at the RepAction), a generous gift certificate and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  It was the finest send-off one could ever hope for, and I will never forget it as long as I live.  Honestly, I felt like I was retiring!  In a way, maybe I was.

So with that, I would like to extend the largest THANK YOU I can muster to everyone that I've worked with over the last 4 1/2 years.  I count my years at The Reporter as some of the best times I've ever spent at a job, and I mean that with all sincerity.  It was a truly fun place to work (99 % of the time!), and I will miss everyone dearly.  I always felt like I was part of something important, and I worked with people who put their heart and soul into their work every day.  It was a truly wonderful experience.

As I move on to something completely different, I will take with me the things that I've learned from this job - patience, perseverance, integrity - and incorporate those things into my new work.  I'm so grateful to have learned these valuable lessons with people I truly treasure.  That was the best gift of all.


  1. Isn't it such a weird combination of sadness + relief + anticipation + fear + making a giant leap into the unknown? Good Luck, Mel!

  2. Impatience sandwich? Love that. I think with your energy and great mojo, the world is your oyster. Look forward to hearing about the next chapter.

  3. Carolyn, you hit the nail on the head. I can't wait for my new adventure to begin, but there's definitely some scariness tacked on to it. I know you've been, there, done that! :D

    Jill, thanks so much. I'm really looking forward to 2010! New decade, new adventures! :D