September 11, 2009


I'm going to start off this post with a quote that I saw on the editorial page of The Reporter yesterday:

"You can't wrap yourself in God, the American Flag and apple pie and not expect me to scrutinize your church attendance, your draft record and your pastry-eating habits."
Ricardo Pimentel, editorial page editor, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal, 1994

Amen, brother! I started with this because I read that another of our illustrious politicans, Michael Duvall, a California state assembly member, has been caught in his own mess. Supposedly he was at a legislative hearing in July and he started bragging of his 'conquests' with a fellow assembly person.

Just one problem - the 54 year-old MARRIED father of three (and espouser of "family values") didn't realize the mic was LIVE. Can you believe this?! I mean, it's so ridiculous it almost seems like he wanted to get caught. I hope getting your bragging off your chest was worth it, buddy. I hope he gets everything he deserves.

But that's not the point of my rant, it's this: why does it seem like the people who crow the loudest about their 'family values' are the most morally bankrupt? This is nothing new, of course; throughout history there have been liars and cheats. It's the ugly part of human nature. But really, since privacy is non-existant for people in the public eye, wouldn't you think that he'd try and be on his best behavior? You think this guy would've taken a lesson from the Larry Craigs and Elliot Spitzers and Mark Sanfords of our government. It's no use hiding behind the Bible anymore, because someone is going to find out your dirty little secrets. In fact, just like Mr. Pimentel stated above, I'd think that you'd be under even more scrutiny if you started waving your hands in the air praising Jesus.

So I ask you, what has happened to integrity? And will we ever get it back? I wonder sometimes if we're so used to lying that most of us have forgotten that it comes back to bite you, always, in some way or another. Karma is a wonderful thing. I have a feeling that Mr. Duvall is going to find that out very soon.

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