September 16, 2009

Civic duties

I had the WORST day today! It's not often that they're this bad. It was just one of those days that went from bad to worse - you know those days. I'm sure all of you have had them, right?

Well then imagine my utter delight when I opened the mail when I got home and found my summons to appear for jury duty! I'm already WAY behind at work. Oh joy! Just what I needed! The timing couldn't be more horrible.

But to tell you the truth, I'm kind of looking forward to it, if only in a macabre and nosy way. I secretly hope (at least it was secretly before I told you all) that it's a gruesome murder case that has many plot twists and turns, and that the prosecutor looks like Perry Mason. Of course in real life, it'll probably just be some boring business-oriented case of which I will have no previous knowledge, and then I'll have to try and stay awake.

Actually, that would be okay too! It will be very interesting to see our court process firsthand, but I've always been terrified that I'd put away an innocent person for life. I mean, that decision is major! I wonder if most jurors understand the gravity of the situation - am I the only one who feels this way? Certainly I can't be. I'm all for democracy, but can't our Poli Sci grads do all the jury work? I'm just afraid that I won't understand the legalese and sound like a dumbass when discussing the case with my peers. PLEASE god, don't make me foreman!

I am having fun telling people that I'm a rural juror (this only makes sense if you watch 30 Rock. But try saying rural juror really fast - you will probably sound drunk).

Of course I won't be able to discuss the trial, but I'll keep you posted as to how things pan out. Maybe I'll don my Princess Leia costume to get out of doing it. :)

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