October 3, 2010

Happy October!

"Autumn Oak" ATC by me.
 It's hard to believe we've entered October already - is it just me, or did the summer just fly by?  (For my southern hemisphere friends - did the winter just fly by?)  :D

This time of year always feels like the new year to me.  No, I'm not Jewish but I think they're on to something!  Doesn't it totally make sense to begin the new year right after a harvest?  It is a process of starting over, after all!

I do have ulterior motives for why October is my favorite month - it's my birthday (or as my family likes to call it, my "birthday month".  We really like birthdays in my family.)!  I'm not shy to say that this year I turn 42.  What IS weird is when my mom was 42 I was a sophomore in college!  I absolutely remember her turning 42!  And in two years, I will be the same age as my Grammie was when I was born.  EEK!

But enough about that - I don't think I'm alone when I say that Autumn is a time of rebirth, even though in this hemisphere, everthing is coming to an end.  I for one am very happy about the chilly weather we get in these parts - in Wisconsin, the 50s are normal for this time of year but it can be as warm as the 80s and as cold as the 30s!  I've had every temperature fluctuation on my birthday - 3 years ago it was 85 degrees!

I tend to be happiest during this time.  I feel more creative, more social, and more willing to try new things.  I have more energy and ideas.  Plus, did you notice that some of the best movies and music come out in the fall?  And of course, the new seasons of network TV shows happen. 

But the best thing about fall is the spectacle that Mother Nature sends us!  I happen to live in a state that has all four seasons, so we get to witness the fall colors in all of their splendor.  I think the leaves turning is one of the most amazing wonders of our latitude!  Some day I'd love to take a trip to Nova Scotia in October and experience some of the best color around.  We also grow amazing apples here - the cold weather helps.  We have a great orchard/farm in our area called The Little Farmer, where there's apple picking, incredible baked goods (like pumpkin muffins that are to DIE for), hay rides and live music.  It's only open from September-November, which is why it's so special.  It's a must-see destination for many folks in our area - we're going this week!

However you celebrate this wonderful season, I hope you enjoy October and autumn as much as I.  If you don't, it's only six months 'til spring!

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